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Footer Customization

Footer settings can be found under Appearance > Customize > Footer settings.

WhiteDot gives you these customization options for your footer.

Show/Hide Footer Branding

You can enable or disable the Footer branding area which shows the website’s name and tagline.

Footer Widgets

You can add footer widgets from  Appearance > Customize > Widgets > Footer Widgets. You can add as many widgets to the footer as you want.

Scroll to top button

As the name suggests, this button helps add a scroll to top button on longer pages. This takes away the pain of scrolling right to the top when you’ve reached the end of the page.

When enabled, a simple click on the icon will take you right to the top! It allows the visitor to easily scroll back to the top of the page. The button appears only when the user scrolls down. It is useful for one-page websites as well as long content-based websites.

You can activate the button from Appearance > Customize > Footer Settings

Social Icons

WhiteDot comes with a Social Icons Menu which can be edited from
Appearance > Menus > Social Icons. You can edit the link of the Social Icons menu items to add you social media links. And this menu is used to show Social Icons at different places on your website.

Once you have edited all the links of Social Icons Menu, to add social icons to your footer, go to Appearance > Customize > Footer Settings, and enable Social Icons.

All the process has been shown in the above video.

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